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All is right with the world... The Granddaughters, Merilyn, Amber, and Heidi are awesome, and all the family are healthy and happy! If you all are half as content as this old Gampa, you are doing very well.
5/5/2016 7:09:49 AM EST
Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before. -- Steven Wright

My Favorite Person

Meet my lovely wife, Susan, and yep, she is my favorite person.  I tell her that all the time, but I am not sure if she believes it.

Susan is a wonderful wife, mother, and now grandmother, and is mostly responsible for keeping me in line.  She rules the roost around here, and keeps me humble, usually with nothing more required than a certain look in my direction.

Susan works hard to make sure that all of our family are doing well, and goes out of her way to help friends and total strangers when needed.

It's my job to keep her happy, so I try to make sure that she always has fresh flowers… she likes that, a lot.   I tell Susan all the time, if she continues to act right, I may just keep her.

Merilyn Joanna

This is Merilyn Joanna Bailey, the big sister at the Bailey house.  She loves her new baby sister Amber, and helps her Mommy and Daddy with all of their parenting duties.  Merilyn is very vocal and is beginning to actually talk a little.  We don't really understand all that she is saying, but she does, so that is all that matters.  She did, however, clearly say Bye Gampa as they were getting ready to leave our house the other day, and I wore a big grin for days. I will be posting updated pictures soon, as well as creating an all new Amber Susanne Bailey page, so check back often.

MeriJo's Mommy and Daddy

What can you say when your firstborn meets their soulmate?  I say that it is a blessing beyond compare.

Our daughter Shelbee, husband Chuck, and now our granddaughter MeriJo, bring joy and happiness to all our lives.

Shelbee is an awesome homemaker and Mom, and is constantly expanding her horizons by learning new things.  Shelbee is also a gifted gardener and has a beautiful deck garden, which she uses to keep her family in fresh vegetables... yum, yum.

Chuck, who I call my New Son, is talented in so many ways, it would take a book to describe them all.

He designs and builds radio controlled airplanes, robots, and other clever electronic devices, and shares my personal interests of computers, web-based programming and design, and music.

Chuck is a very talented musician, as well as an award-winning studio producer and engineer for major recording artists.

He is also a great Dad to Merilyn, and the protector and provider for my baby girls.  Granny Sue and I are proud to call him Son.

Shelbee, Chuck, and Merilyn are expecting their second child in December and we are all very excited.

More to come...

Nixon And His Humans

Mom and I take great pride in our granddawg Nixon, and his humans, Michael and Tara.

Michael is our oldest son and is fortunate to have such a beautiful, wonderful wife, Tara.

Tara hails from Canada and has brought joy to us since the first day we met her.  She has been a light in Michael and all of our lives that we cannot seem to get enough of.

Michael graduated with a business degree from Kennesaw University, and works in the financial arena with a company in the greater Atlanta area.

Tara, also a graduate of Kennesaw University, came to the US on scholarship as a star pitcher with the Kennesaw Owls softball team.  Tara now runs her own business, teaching young girls how to pitch, hit, and play the game of softball like a pro.

The granddawg, Nixon, is a knucklehead and loves to hang out with Michael in his truck, and Tara, anytime, anywhere.  He is full of energy, and personality, and loves to chase Gampa around all over the place.  They also have a very shy kitty, Lucy, who actually let me pet her for the first time recently.  Nixon loves her and constantly gives her kisses... what a knucklehead.

We love them all and are blessed to have them near us.

Rock Star

Rock Star?  Well maybe... the music biz is a fickle beast but this guy is a star in our eyes

Daniel is our youngest son and has been a music fan since before he was potty trained.  He started taking piano lessons when he was about ten years old and is a natural musician who now plays anything he decides to.

Daniel is a talented singer and songwriter, commands the stage whenever he is on it, and currently travels all over the country playing concerts at various venues.

Daniel's current project band is known as Almost Kings, and their first CD release; Filthy Nice has been out for several months now and is selling like hotcakes.

The band is in intense negotiations with several record labels, and are looking forward to finalizing their first major deal.

Almost Kings music and videos can be found all over the Internet, YouTube, and MySpace, and they along with hot pickin' bassist Daniel, will be coming to a town near you soon.

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